ShoCash started in the media industry as a film
projectionist and gradually moved into music and video
production. Over the years, ShoCash achieved lots of
experience working for film production companies /
cinemas in and around London; also finding time to gain a
Bsc degree in Media Technology at the London College of
Music & Media (West London University).

ShoCash has always believed in bringing ideas to life and
giving others the opportunity to shine.

ShoCash music supervised the world’s first 3D street dance
documentary: Shortlisted starring Sisco Gomez (So You
Think You Can Dance).

"I have met and worked with a few known faces in the
music & film Industry, but the one person am most grateful
to have worked with is writer/producer/director - Melvin
Van Peebles (Dad to Mario Van Peebles). He shared lots of
knowledge about the Industry and gave me the
encouragement, to keep going no matter the ups & downs
of the Industry".

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